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Here are some of the blogs we find useful/interesting. Most of them are London-centric but some of them are just general cycling.

If you would like to suggest another blog that we have not mentioned and may be of interest please leave a comment below.

Road safety

Road safety reduction forum –

The Road Safety Reduction Forum is a group for professionals working in planning and transport. They are a campaigning organisation and form partnerships to improve road safety. They often have a very good articles about lorry safety, inappropriate use of “Cyclist Stay Back” stickers and other road safety issues.

Cycling in London

London Cyclist blog –

A London centric cycling blog covering cycling news, events, issues, advice and the occasional product review. They also have some good simple maintenance guides.

i bike london –

Cycle London City –

Buffalo Bill’s bike blog –

National Cycling blogs

Evans Cycles blog –

A general cycling blog with advice events and product reviews. The are obviously biased towards Evans Cycles own events and products.

The Guardian bike blog –

Reviews (both bikes and accessories), news, politics, advice  and opinion all relating to cycling.


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