Routes to the Lea Valley

The following is a collection of routes from Palmers Green to the Lea Valley. Palmers Green is only chosen as a starting point here because we usually start our Easy Rider rides here. In order from North to South, the following routes are either on traffic-free cycle routes or at least relatively quiet back streets.

The first route takes us way to the North of Enfield before cutting over to the Lea Valley. The route follows a signposted cycle route along the Turkey Brook. It can also be started from Forty Hill.

Ponders End is probably the most direct route from Enfield Town to the Lea Valley. The section between the A10 and the A1010 is a rat-run, so expect some traffic here. Otherwise, it is quite enough as Lincoln Road and South Street both have railway crossings that are not possible for cars.

The Edmonton Green route was one of our Easy Rider routes last year, continuing on along the Lea to Markfield Park. It uses cycle lanes, a quite route along the Salmon Brook and continues past IKEA to enter the Lea Valley. There is a short section along Montagu Road that has a lot of traffic. For the time being the best option is to push bicycles along the pavement. The council is planning to create a link away from traffic in the future to link up Meridian Water. Stay tuned.


Unless you are ok heaving your bicycle up an overpass that is. Otherwise, the route showcases the upcoming quiet way through the Firs Lane wetlands and a useful cycle link over the railway near North Middlesex Hospital. The remainder is pretty straight and was part of my commute when cycling down to Canary Wharf.

You’d be excused to just stay in Bruce Castle Park when attempting this route. It is a destination in itself. The route from there is courtesy of a fellow cycle campaigner in Tottenham. You’ll pass her house on the way to the Tottenham Wetlands.

And finally this route is what a cycle route planner might give you when tasked to come up with a route to the South of the Lea Valley. The section along the A10 has a usable cycle path away from traffic (don’t follow the A10, cross it and look for the path across the lawns on the other side). Using a short bit of CS1 and other signposted routes across to Tottenham Hale you reach the Lea Valley.

If you have other suggestions, improvements or ideas, please get in touch!