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Irresistible. @CycleEnfield @BetterSt4Enf twitter.com/London_Cycling…

Incredible number of people cycling in Central London today. The Superhighway #CS3 is almost overwhelmed by the number heading west through Westminster. #Cycling #London #Westminster #Cycleway Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

I’ve honestly never seen so many people out on bikes in London as today - not just on the usual commuter routes but on practically every street Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

This is one of Nice’s new emergency segregated cycle paths. Wow. Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

This is astounding. Certainly blows away the ‘people here won’t ride bikes’ argument. There is absolutely no reason this can’t be so in other major cities across the UK. If we choose to enable it. And right now is the time to do so. There will never be a more appropriate time. twitter.com/PeterStuart3/s… Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

*** Please note *** This account isn’t being monitored for the time being. Please follow @BetterSt4Enf for updates on active travel and healthy streets in Enfield. Thank you!

Attempt to pop over the road at 6pm to see a neighbour thwarted by this: endless queue of impatient rat-runners, blocking safe access.Dangerous traffic cutting thru residential areas even more of a threat in dark winter months. @TfL @EnfieldCouncil #LowTrafficNeighbourhood 4Bowes Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

Our infrastructure campaigner @psimonk riding w @Wheels4Well @IsabelleClement @CrippledCyclist @RantyHighwayman & others today to look at inclusive cycling infrastructure issues. Because we want a city where everyone can cycle. #BeyondTheBicycle @BeyondBicycle #HealthyStreets twitter.com/Wheels4Well/st… Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

Bee a champion manual 2019 is done. It will Bee out in a couple of weeks. Didn't get time to throw in material section and construction costs but maybe next year. Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

This happens all over London now, residential roads becoming routes for large volumes of through traffic that really shouldn't be there. twitter.com/jecgrant/statu… Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

@EnfieldRifle @PaulOBrienArch @EnfieldCycling @BetterSt4Enf @Subversivite Hi all - I have just been informed that the out of hours ph number to report illegal parking in cycle lanes&pavements has changed to 020 3856 0037. Please continue reporting to them. Thanks - Liz Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

We wondered what the massive building site was for in front of Amsterdam Central station. Turns out they’re installing parking for 7,000 bikes. Underwater. Of course they are. Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

I drive an electric car, they’re a ‘better than nothing’ solution to climate change, but they don’t touch health, the worst pollution or congestion. Making us think we’ve done something without really changing is a dangerous road to take. Less cars is the only way... twitter.com/BritishCycling… Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

Great to see this transformational scheme getting some recognition! @CycleEnfield @EnfieldCouncil @BetterSt4Enf twitter.com/EnfieldDispatc… Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

Well done #BetterStreetsEnfield for being selected as finalists for the people's award at #TPDay2019 for the A105 scheme. Great to hear how this evolved from work of @EnfieldCycling and how the cycle track has improved walking by making a buffer from the traffic. Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

Congratulations to Better Streets Enfield who have been shortlisted for our People’s Awards! Enfield Council transformed more than three miles of the A105 to create continuous physically protected cycle lanes and safe junctions. #TPDay2019 #TransportPlanning Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

More amazing achievements from our neighbours in Waltham Forest! twitter.com/wfcouncil/stat…

Can you be the new family for one of our preloved #cargobikes? Get in touch to test ride any of them. buff.ly/2zRZ7oA Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

@EnfieldCouncil @EnfieldCycling @CycleEnfield @BetterSt4Enf - anyone can talk a good fight about 'active travel' but unless @EnfieldCouncil start enforcing parking restrictions, why would less able / confident cyclists risk using the lanes. Ditto parents. Please do something. Retweeted by Enfield Cycling

The Swiss Biophysicist and Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet had been cycling to his lab at Lausanne university for the last 30 years. When they asked him he wanted from them for winning the Nobel prize, he replied: "a parking space for my bike!" Retweeted by Enfield Cycling