Cycle Enfield (Mini Holland)

What is Cycle Enfield?

In 2012 Transport for London and the Mayor announced a ‘Mini Holland’ competition for outer London boroughs to bid for a total of £100 million, in order to transform town centres and main routes for walking and cycling – with ideas taken from continental approaches to design.

Enfield was one of the selected boroughs and won £30 million  (Waltham Forest and Kingston also won the same). Enfield’s Mini Holland scheme is now known as Cycle Enfield.

What changes are proposed?

The main proposals include:

  • Making high streets / town centres more attractive and accessible by bike and on foot, including in Edmonton Green, Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill and Enfield Town.
  • Removing car traffic altogether from Church Street in Enfield Town, leaving bike and bus lanes only
  • Introducing semi-segregated cycle lanes along the A105 (Green Lanes), A110 (Southbury Road) and A1010 (through Edmonton Green)
  • Creating ‘Quieter Neighbourhoods’ – residential areas where through traffic is slowed or filtered
  • Developing a network of quietway and greenway routes across the whole borough
  • Developing cycle hubs at Enfield Town and Edmonton Green Train Stations
  • Providing support for residents who want to take up cycling, with free bike loans and residential cycle parking
  • Involving the local community in the design of all schemes, particularly those in residential streets.

More detail is available on the Cycle Enfield website.

But what are the pros and cons? See our frequently asked questions and facts and evidence.


3 thoughts on “Cycle Enfield (Mini Holland)

  1. Linda Howlett

    I don’t have a bike but I do drive a car which I pay tax and insurance for..what I would like to see if when all these lanes for bikes go ahead is that all these people who want to use there bikes on any roads have a helmet proper wear and insurance and that there bike has a certificate to say there bike is ok for the road.After all I could not get into my car without all the correct paperwork so what makes a bike differant don’t get me wrong I’m not Against bikes but the law needs to be changed and maybe there will not be so many accidents.

    1. Clare Rogers

      Linda – you are right to be concerned about accidents, as around 12 pedestrians and cyclists have died so far this year in London in collisions with motor vehicle. This is not about helmets, clothing and insurance, however. The Netherlands has a spectacularly low rate of cycling accidents, despite the high numbers cycling, and hardly anyone wears a helmet there. What keeps people safe on bikes, including children, is road design that separates cycles from motor traffic on main roads and especially at junctions, where most accidents occur. That’s exactly what Cycle Enfield is seeking to do, with semi-segregated lanes on five major routes and safety measures for bikes at junctions.

      Apologies for the slow reply!

      1. Linda Howlett

        Hi Claire I think you have missed the point.I have seen young men on push bykes doing wheel spins in the middle of the road.I have seen this quite a few times latley with no respect. What will a bike lane do ‘re this nothing becaus they are dare devels on bikes.I know that not all bykes are like this. Thats why a law should be passed for helmets to be compulsory and insurance so that when there is an accident they can pay out for damages caused just like driving a car which would not be allowed on the road without Mot insurance and road tax what makes a person on a push byke any different from a car and motorbyke.I have seen 9 bykes in a morning go pass here I’m sure the money this is costing could be made to better use of .I also know that there is nothing more to be done as this has already gone through but nothing has been thought through I still say this should not have been pasted till a law was put in place for safety.And I is not the only person who thinks helmets and insurance are necessary.


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