We are the Enfield Group of the London Cycling Campaign.

Space for Cycling is a major London Cycling Campaign push to improve the quality of life for all, by making local streets safe and inviting for everyone to cycle.  Enfield Cycling Campaign (ECC) asked residents what improvements they would like to see for cycling in each of the borough’s 27 wards, contacted May 2014 local election ward candidates to pledge to support those improvements, and have been following through with those councillors who pledged and were elected.

Enfield is one of 3 London boroughs to have been awarded around £30m ‘Mini Holland‘ funding over 3 years to deliver a step change in conditions for cycling, with ideas taken from continental approaches to design. We worked with the council on developing the funding bid, and now a substantial amount of our resources are being devoted to supporting and holding the council to account on this project, including via regular ‘stakeholder’ meetings, development of the overarching design principles, involvement in the design phase of specific schemes to ensure the best possible outcomes for cyclists and everyone, and supporting communication between the council and our membership and other cyclists in the borough. See more about

We are also working very closely with the council in a number of other areas which we believe are critical in order to deliver a step change increase in the number of residents undertaking cycle journeys, including a borough wide 20mph zone, the development of a programme of key junction improvements, and the implementation of many more cycle contraflow facilities in one way streets.

We also strongly supported LCC’s Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling campaign.  Even though HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) account for just 5% of London’s street traffic, they are involved in around 50% of cyclist fatalities. They also pose a great danger to pedestrians. And whilst collisions are rare they are almost always serious. Therefore it is extremely important that only the best drivers and safest vehicles are using our streets. For help on how you can help HGV drivers see you better when riding your bike we urge you to take a look at the best advice available.


How can I help?

  • Attend our monthly meetings – .
  • Join our egroup to keep in touch and offer your ideas and feedback.
  • Tell the council where more cycle parking is required (see below).

Where do we need more cycle parking?

If you know of places where cycle parking is needed, please contact the council at cycle_parking with the specific address (ie building number and street name).


Other information

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