Come and try a bike!

Think you can’t cycle? Think again!

All the bikes in the pictures below, and more, will be available to try in the Broomfield Park tennis courts at Palmers Green Festival, Sunday 3 September, 12-7pm. Enfield Cycling Campaign and Better Streets for Enfield are hosting a try-a-bike area.

Trike from Bush Hill Park

You don’t have to be young, fit or even able-bodied to ride a bike. And lots of bikes are great for carrying kids and/or shopping…

Try a bike cargo 1

We have cargo bikes to carry kids or heavy loads, 3-wheeled bikes, family tandems, electric bikes, folding bikes, seats for kids, trailers, tag alongs … there’s something for everyone!

The bike below is operated with your hands not your feet – well worth a try.


And if you think the kids should be doing their bit to pedal as well…

Helios circe trio with Andrew