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Enfield Cycling Campaign draft constitution

CONSTITUTION OF Enfield Cycling Campaign (Enfield CC), a locally governed group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC), a charitable company registered number 01766411, registered charity number 1115789.

1. The name of the group shall be “Enfield Cycling Campaign” (or such other name as the group may decide in an Annual Meeting (AM) and this document is the governing document for such group.

2. Enfield CC is established for the following objects, which form a summary of the LCC objects contained in the Memorandum and Articles of LCC:
• encourage people to cycle
• improve conditions for cyclists
• raise the profile of cycling

3. Enfield CC is an independent locally governed group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) with a degree of autonomy and independence in its management of campaigns and finances and inherits the objects and powers of that parent body from the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the LCC. In particular Enfield CC may hold funds in designated accounts for the purpose of furthering the above objects. Such funds may only be spent in agreement with the Coordinator and Treasurer of Enfield CC, subject to the financial regulations agreed by the Management Committee from time to time of Enfield CC.

4. Membership of Enfield CC is open to any member of the public who shares the aims of Enfield CC and who is a member of the London Cycling Campaign living in the London borough of Waltham Forest. Meetings, rides, and other events are open to members and non-members alike but membership of LCC is encouraged, as local group funding from LCC is calculated on the number of LCC members living in the Borough.

5. Enfield CC shall be governed by a committee comprising not less than 3 members who shall be appointed by all members attending the AM. This committee shall be known as “the Management Committee”.

6. The Management Committee shall comprise at least the following roles:

• Treasurer
• Secretary

Other members of the group may be co-opted as officers to perform specific roles such as coordination of:

• Web design
• Council Liaison
• Publicity
• Campaigns
• Events
• Newsletter
• Membership

7. Members of the Management Committee shall be elected at the AM by a show of hands or ballot for a period of one year. Candidates will nominate themselves and be seconded by at least one other person. In the event of more than one person proposing themselves to a role then all those seconded will serve the role with one person identified as the lead – except in the case of Borough Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer, which should be filled by only one person. Only LCC members are eligible to vote.

8. The Management Committee shall meet not less than quarterly, and all members of Enfield CC may attend to take part in decisions. Once a year an AM shall be held which shall be advertised in appropriate media. The AM is open to everyone but only Enfield CC members are eligible to vote on decisions and elections of Management Committee members.

9. Enfield CC operates an equal opportunities policy and welcomes people of all backgrounds and abilities. In its operations and staff Enfield CC seeks to reflect the social makeup of the community it serves. Enfield CC is committed to ensuring that its services are accessible to all irrespective of background and ability.

10. The London Cycling Campaign may dissolve Enfield CC if no AM has been held for a period of twenty four months or for other good and just cause. On dissolution any assets will be absorbed into the funds of the London Cycling Campaign.



Coordinator and Secretary