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New date for our AGM

Our Annual Meeting is taking place on the evening of Thursday, 8th May 2014.

If you are a member of LCC living in Enfield, you are automatically a member of the Enfield Cycling Campaign. Local groups, through a network of fellow volunteers and co-ordinators can organise local rides, events, meetings, campaigns and social events. So there can be lots to great cycling activities to get involved in, if you aren’t already! The Enfield Group are currently looking for new and existing members to fill some vacant committee positions to help the group in various ways, so please do take a look and contact Adrian Lauchlan ( if you’d like to find out more.

WHERE: The Wheatsheaf Pub, 185 Baker Street, EN1 3JT
TIME: 8pm.

The meeting is open to everyone (including non-members), and the Local Group would be delighted to see some new faces! Please note that only LCC members are able to: –

a. stand for election
b. make a nomination
c. second a nomination
d. vote

The meeting will include the elections for the following committee posts:

1. Borough Co-ordinator: executive officer of Enfield Cycling Campaign
– position currently held by Adrian Lauchlan
2. Treasurer: responsible for the finances of Enfield Cycling Campaign.
– position currently held by Trisha Smith

3. Secretary: keeps a record of decisions reached at any official meeting (as directed by the Enfield Cycling Campaign Management Committee), including the Annual Meeting, and is responsible for convening all meetings
– position currently vacant

4. Committee members without portfolio:
– currently three committee members: Les Bailey, Roger Kingsnorth ( elected onto the committee on the 6th March 2014 ),Paul La Fosse and Mark Smith

Nominations – If you would like to stand for any of these posts or nominate someone then please send an email to the Groups’ Borough Co-ordinator Adrian Lauchlan by 7th April 2014.

Other business:

The Treasurer will present the accounts, for the financial year ending 31 March 2014, to the Annual Meeting for approval.