This A10 junction just isn’t good enough

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Transport for London (TfL) are proposing changes to the A10 junction with Lincoln Road at Bush Hill Park, in preparation for Cycle Enfield’s east-west cycle route. TfL says, “These proposals are part of a wider TfL programme to encourage people to choose to cycle or walk in Enfield, which is being implemented by Enfield Council in partnership with us.”

Unfortunately, we don’t think the changes to this junction – with pedestrians and cyclists having to use multiple crossings to get east-west – will encourage more people to walk or cycle. Please tell TfL that they need to do better! Read our views below, then submit your own response via the link at the end – by Friday 19 April.

General comments:

This scheme represents only minor improvements to a large, complex and hostile junction. It will not enable a wider range of people to cycle here than currently do, it will not achieve significant mode shift or reduction in collisions and will not help TfL or Enfield council achieve the Mayor’s Transport Strategy targets.

On that basis, this proposal is not appropriate for a permanent scheme at this location. We need decent cycle infrastructure that makes cycling a safe and efficient way to travel through the junction, not just a series of crossings.

Specific points

  •  TfL’s Strategic Cycling Analysis highlights a medium potential corridor for cycling from Carterhatch to the north, along the A10, to Wood Green to the south. It is therefore imperative that long-term, safe cycling, physically separate from motor traffic flows, is considered north-south across this junction.
  • The scheme drawings indicate future “Enfield Town to Ponders End” changes to the east of the junction, but nothing further to the west. Again, without further modification to the junction, any east-west route through this junction will not achieve significant change in cycling numbers.
  • The approach of using multiple, staggered crossings and shared space (and the lack of legal shared space on the southern side of the junction) means only confident cyclists are likely to use this crossing, and many of them may well choose to avoid delays and simply use the traffic lanes instead.

Take action!

Please respond to TfL with your views by Friday 19 April.